(thanks varlonec )* zh-CN Translation file updated. * Global Settings - changed the workshop cache field to accept 0. If the temp file is found, it will rename it to .ark.NOTE: The discord plugin has been updated with some minor bugfixes and code cleanup.1.0.317 (1.0.317.1)CHANGE* Corrected the Cunning and Brute Artefact container names.1.0.316 (1.0.316.2)* ARK 275 Changes - Aberration1.

* RCON Window - new option to show/hide the player avatar images. Your firewall and/or router ports are not set correctly.

この記事では作成したECインスタンスに接続するところから、サーバーの設定・インストールを行い、起動するまでを見ていきます, インスタンス一覧から右クリックして「接続」を押すとsshでのつなぎ方をざっくり教えてくれます, ssh -i "<.pemファイルまでのパス>" ec2-user@ec2.***.***.***. * RU Translation file updated. * Administration Section - Enable Idle Timeout - Have changed the slider control to include a checkbox to enable/disable the setting.

This will also keep the update and start buttons disabled.

This means Windows OS versions from Vista and earlier will no longer work.This means Windows Server OS versions from 2008 and earlier will no longer work.NOTE: There is a new version of the Discord plugin - (1.0.331.1)BUGFIXDuplicated comma bug - fixed the duplicate comma bug.1.0.330 (1.0.330.2)BUGFIXDuplicated comma bug - fixed the duplicate comma bug.NEWProcess Priority and Processor Affinity - added new priority and affinity entry fields.1.0.329 (1.0.329.4)BUGFIX* Server Status spamming - attempt to fix the server status spam being sent to the discord plugin.CHANGE* Server Stop process - changed the way the server stop process is done. * pt-BR Translation file updated. (thanks AngeMyMy )* pt-BR Translation file added. This cannot be fixed until Wildcad release a new version of the DEV KIT with the Aberration content.2. * Changed ASM to use the new profile files (.asmprofile) as the primary and the old profile files (.profile) as secondary. * Changed location of the player avatar images. (thanks varlonec )* FR Translation file updated. can I run a server on my machine in my house, connect and play from another machine in my house using the same steam account? If hidden, the images are also not downloaded. 300 profiles is about the limit when the performance starts to degrade.1.0.324 (1.0.324.0)SKIPPED1.0.323 (1.0.323.19)BUGFIX* Fixed a few duplicate shutdown messages introduced with the Always Show Shutdown Reason in last release (322).NEW* Version Details Window - a new window to show the version updates.

Currently doexit causes world file problems with large file sizes.

* Changed the description of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Broodmother, Dragon and Megapithecus trophies.

Manage your ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated servers with this easy-to-use tool! (thanks varlonec )* FR Translation file updated. This section is hidden by default, and can be shown using a new option in the global settings. (thanks varlonec )* zh-CN Translation file updated. * Out of Date Mods - added new alert message that is sent when the server manager detects a mod is outdated.CHANGE* Profile Sync Window - have changed the way this window works. Has an option in the global setting to turn on/off.1.0.353 (1.0.353.1)NEWServer Settings (Administration section -> Server Options)* -structurememopts (Structure Memory Optimizations)* -noundermeshchecking (No Under Mesh Checking)* -noundermeshkilling (No Under Mesh Killing)Server Settings (Rules section)* FuelConsumptionIntervalMultiplier* LimitNonPlayerDroppedItemsRange* LimitNonPlayerDroppedItemsCountServer Settings (Players section)* MaxFallSpeedMultiplierServer Settings (Dinos section)* bForceCanRideFliers (Enable Flyer Riding (Genesis))Server Settings (Structures section)* AlwaysAllowStructurePickup* StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement* StructurePickupHoldDuration* AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures* bGenesisUseStructuresPreventionVolumes (Disable Building in Mission Areas (Genesis))1.0.352 (1.0.352.1)BUGFIX* Fix issue with player/tribe linking in RCON window for maps other than Genesis, introduced in v351.1.0.351 (1.0.351.2)BUGFIX* Fixed issue with player/tribe linking in RCON player list.NEW* Added the Valguero gamedata file to the install. image. Don't forget to advertise your ASM hosted ARK server, show Wildcard how many use ASM by adding [ASM] at the end of your server name!

Here is a post for more informationRelease Notes. The delay is in seconds (default 0) and will wait that number of seconds between each server update.CHANGE* fr-FR Translation file updated.

(thanks varlonec )1.0.355 (1.0.355.2)BUGFIX* Stack Size Section - fixed save button on item rows to only save that item, not all items.NEW* Server Settings (Rules) - added new Genesis group with bDisableGenesisMissions and AllowTekSuitPowersInGenesis settings.CHANGE* Server Settings (Structures) - put GenesisUseStructuresPreventionVolumes setting into Genesis group for clarity. * Added a reload button to the Custom INI sections. (thanks varlonec )1.0.360 (1.0.360.1)BUGFIX* ru-RU Translation file fixed.CHANGE* pt-BR Translation file updated. (thanks varlonec )* CN Translation file updated. * Fixed loaded EPIC player profiles in PlayerList/Rcon windows.

* Changed the dino grid to show the tamable flag on dinos that are tamable by eggs only.

(thanks bruno5011 )1.1.371 (1.1.371.6)BUGFIX* Deleting profiles - have added dispose call to prevent crash when updating server status. es a raiz de una actualizacion de ark server manager, i start game and it has error Json1 .

* fr-FR Translation file updated. (thanks varlonec )1.0.362 (1.0.362.10)NEW* Global Setting - Added new Auto Restart section with options to enable/disable auto restart grace period. Added all Aberration items, dinos, spawners and engrams.NOTE: The spawn details of the new Aberration dinos is not 100% correct and may not work. * Remove the avatar images from the player/rcon list. * Updated a few dino name tags as per the wiki.NEW* Added a Reset button to the top of the global settings form, to reset ALL user settings. (thanks varlonec )* zh-CN Translation file updated. Don't put the Data Directory or Server Directory in the ASM directory!

* Removed ProfileToolTip from profile file.NEW* Server Settings - Rules Section - added missing TribeSlotReuseCooldown setting. It should work correctly now.CHANGE* Global Settings - Auto-Restart section - added a note and fixed the tooltip. *Added global setting to shutdown or keep open the Server Shutdown window after it is finished - used for testing.

Typing in the filter box no longer auto filters, you need to click the filter button to apply/clear the filter. * Player and Dino levels have been updated. Ark Server Manager - Always the latest version Download Here [arkservermanager.s3.amazonaws.com] ↑ここよりダウンロード 適当なところで展開 ARK Server Manager.exe を起動する前に、右クリック→プロパティ→互換性タグ→特権レベル 管理者としてこのプログラムを実行する If the file fails to copy, it will try 3 times with a 5 second delay in between. * Player/Dino Max XP Settings - moved these two settings to the Player and Dino Level Progression section. (thanks varlonec )1.0.363 (1.0.363.1)NEW* Server Settings - Dino Section - added missing server setting Mating Speed Multiplier. * Added -NoHangDetection server setting. Prevents double loading. Self-updating tool ensures you always have the latest features and bug fixes.

Why doesn't my server show up on Steam? このアイテムは Steam コミュニティ & コンテンツガイドラインに違反しているため、コミュニティから削除されました。あなただけが閲覧可能です。あなたのアイテムが間違って削除されたと思われる場合は、, このアイテムは ARK: Survival Evolved と互換性がありません。 このアイテムが ARK: Survival Evolved で動作しない理由については、, このアイテムはあなた、管理者及び製作者としてマークされている人からしか見えません。, このアイテムは、あなた、あなたのフレンド、及び管理者からの検索にしかヒットしません。. (thanks AngeMyMy )* pt-BR Translation file updated.

ASM is fully automated...mod updates, server restarts, and server starts. * Mod Details - grid background changed to blue, if mod details could not be downloaded from steam. * Auto-Restart - with the grace period option enabled, when the auto-restart process runs it will check if your server was started within the grace period and skip; otherwise it will restart as normal.CHANGE* RCON Window - added adjustable player list, width is retained.